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You can buy B1-Phone including 1 year Flat Calls/Messages/Email/Vpn, for the promotional price of:

ONLY 1999 USD (regular price is 2599 USD) + shipping cost

Destination Country: Qnt.

DHL Express Shipping Cost: 43.37 USD (delivery in 2-7 days)

Total Price: 2,042.37 USD

Coupon Code:

You can pay using Paypal or Credit Card with a full consumer protection policy, “satisfied or refunded”.
The unlimited crypto voice calls, unlimited instant messages and 10 GB space for your crypto email costs only 19 USD per month.
Your initial purchase include the first month subscription.
The calls to normal phone numbers (black out calls), are charged per minute, look the price list here.

The delivery package is anonymous, the invoice reports the product as “Android Phone” and the sender is our logistic company.